Edgar Weippl with keynote at SECRYPT 2023

The International Conference on Security and Cryptography (SECRYPT) is an annual international conference covering research in information and communication security.


Edgar Weippl attended SECRYPT 2023 with a keynote about Distributed Ledger Technology, Blockchain & Crypto Currencies.
The conference was held from 10 - 12. July in Rome, Italy.

Keynote Abstract

New services have emerged with the increase in interconnectivity and ubiquitous data access. Distributed Ledger Technologies and their underlying principles can be used to reach an agreement or consensus upon a distributed state in a highly distributed environment. They have many different aspects and can therefore be viewed from various angles, including the financial, economic, legal, political, and sociological perspectives, as well as considering technical and socio-technical points of view.

In the presentation, I will show three properties that are important in our research: (1) theoretical foundations, (2) understanding of real-world phenomena, and (3) impact. For instance, proof-of-work (PoW), as used in Bitcoin, is relevant to achieving consensus and serves as a source of randomness used in leader selection. Moreover, understanding economic incentives and malicious behavior (aka incentive attacks) to undermine c

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